Determination and calculation of the optimal solution for cargo transportation
Consultations on foreign trade activities
Consultations on customs legislation of EU countries
Determination of customs value, optimization of customs payments
Preliminary calculation of customs payments
Representing clients in customs authorities



Assistance in insurance of various risks associated with the transportation and storage of goods in the largest insurance companies
Inspection and assessment of damaged goods in the case of an insured event
Providing data to the insurance company and preparing all the necessary documentation
Control over timely payment for insured events
Consultations on all types of insurance
Verification of the insurance contract for compliance with generally accepted international standards
Assistance in insurance of various risks associated with the implementation of non-standard transportation and transportation of oversized cargo


Registration of TIR carnets, CMR consignment notes, export declarations
Registration of transit declarations
Registration of electronic copies of TIR carnets in the NCTS system
Advances to transport companies
Systematization of lots of goods by product codes, weight and cost
Release into free circulation of goods to consignees
Consultation on EU customs legislation
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Moved tons of cargo
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Drive km
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Completed orders
100 %
return of documents and timely delivery of the cargo