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Food industry

Logistic service of the food industry is a special area that requires a great experience and understanding of the production process. We know that we are transporting "real money", which have no right to spoil. We know that the transportation of alcohol-containing products is fraught with great risks associated with the fragility of containers and not only. We know that the logistics of the product line requires compliance with the temperature regimes and the mode of maintaining certain humidity. Delivery times are critical.
  • Retail
  • Alcohol products
  • Agricultural products
  • Chilled products
  • Deep freeze products
  • Network Logistics

Antwerk maximally adapts the proposed solution so that it most suits your needs, responds to the specifics of the seasons or changes in volumes, as well as to unpredictable circumstances during the transportation.
Antwerk always guarantees the quality transportation of the food industry cargo to its destination in an appropriate manner and on time. ANTWERK develops the most efficient logistic solutions for trading companies, as well as for wholesale suppliers and retailers.

ANTWERK company works in food industry in the following areas: