Industry solutions


Antwerk develops the most efficient logistic solutions for trading companies, as well as for wholesale suppliers and retailers. Experienced employees of our company implement the transport of goods that require compliance with all existing rules and regulations, which allows minimizing risks and guaranteeing the reliability of cargo during transportation.
  • textile products;
  • tobacco products;
  • cosmetics and personal care products;
  • household chemicals and detergents;
  • toys;
  • products of agricultural processing - sugar, flour, cereals, oils, meal, seeds, oilcake, etc.
  • and much more.

We develop an optimal route for the delivery of imported and exported goods of all degrees of complexity.

In this area, we most often transport FMCG products (consumer goods), including
ANTWERK organizes combined cargo transportation using the service of accelerated delivery. We ensure the supply of products of manufacturing enterprises and distributors to the distribution networks of Europe, North America, Asia, Russia and the CIS countries. We also provide logistics for enterprises within production groups