Сomplex Solutions


Contract Logistics

Our main goal is to reduce the costs associated with your supply chain, providing only the right amount of supplies for timely production. Using the latest methods and technologies, we manage all aspects of the supply for your manufacturing operations.

Our services in the field of contract logistics:
  • Consolidation of materials at the source
  • Order Management
  • VMI services (inventories managed by supplier)
  • Suppliers' Park Solutions
  • Linear supply
  • Organizing order fulfillment sequence
  • Quality assurance

Reducing logistics costs:
Simplifying the purchasing system:
Real-time information:
Reducing the implementation costs:
Control over outsourcing production:
Ability to avoid supplies in an assault order, as well as insufficient or excessive stocks
Control and transparency through consistent, faster turnover of imported goods
The ability to monitor inventory volumes in real-time, which helps to make reasonable solutions about the subsequent rearrangement of orders
Our value-added services and control / quality assurance reduce the risk of shipping of unsuitable inventory.
Manage the production and flow of goods with delivery strictly on a calendar schedule.
Logistics management is an important component of profitability and the overall success of many companies. It is most efficient to provide logistics management to highly experienced ANTWERK specialists than to form an appropriate logistics department within the company. Working with you in contract logistics, we are deeply immersed in the specifics of your business to fully understand how different industries work, in order to better manage logistics in your market, to increase your competitiveness.
Around the world, we help you to apply a variety of logistic experience, IT tools, and specialized or joint logistic solutions and platforms.