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High-precision logistics

Аntwerk provides a full range of logistics and transportation services necessary to comply the international transport of high-precision and chemical cargoes, substances, including the transport of non-hazardous chemicals, substances in various aggregative states, hazardous materials. Аntwerk cooperates with various chemical concerns and suppliers of raw materials, focusing on safety issues, personnel health and environmental protection.
The technical industry requires fast and reliable supply chains that link key production sites in an industry with distribution channels around the world. Regardless of whether you are in the computer and electronics industry or provide electronic manufacturing services, we understand your business and your needs.

High-precision logistics also implies:
  • Distributive warehousing
  • Supplier consolidation
  • Control tower
  • Direct market access (D2M)
  • After sales and reverse logistics
  • Charge and defer
  • SC Optimization
  • TAPA related operations
    Considering the extremely high vulnerability of technical products, we have developed industrial solutions that focus on a reliable supply chain. Every day we evaluate and improve the transportation routes. This setting ensures a low risk level in relation to the theft or damage of your valuable products with an unrivaled speed of entry into the market.

    Around the world, we help you to apply a variety of logistic experience, IT tools, and specialized or joint logistic solutions and platforms.