Сomplex Solutions


Warehouse Logistics

Аntwerk can act as your reliable partner for the development, implementation and management of warehouse logistics solutions.
Our project design and management specialists develop collaboratively with you the most tailored solution for your incoming and outgoing tasks. Our specialists include logisticians, logistic engineers and IT engineers who can help you to achieve the most reliable and competitive solutions. We also rely on human resources and legal experience to support the movement of personnel from one project to another, which may be located in different countries.

ANTWERK on your behalf can manage the full range of logistic operations:
  • Non-reusable packaging, developed according to the technical specifications of the components and production limitations
  • Coordination of multi-vendor flows
  • Joint operations with all enterprises and suppliers
  • Quality control
  • Marking and conditioning
  • Real-time inventory visibility
  • Serial streams, delivery along Just In Time (JIT) lines
  • Sequence of flows / KSK (Kundenspezifischer-Kabelbaum) processes
  • Optimization and management of customs operations

        To ensure the availability of products at points of sale and for customers, we implement specialized or general logistic solutions to optimize your costs:
        Delayed differentiation
        Order preparation
        Storage space
        Reception and quality control
        Optimization and management of customs operations
        Inventory management
        Management and preparation of shipments
        Around the world, we help you to apply a variety of logistic experience, IT tools, and specialized or joint logistic solutions and platforms.